A new Product Identity

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A new product identity for Korea’s leading telecoms provider kt, bringing consistency to their family of 56 products – managed, designed and manufactured separately by different internal business units. The product identity has been embodied in a set of innovative … Continue reading


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Much of my work as a consultant remains confidential, from projects where the product has yet to reach the market to those where the goal is to inform the client’s own design and strategy teams on possible futures for their … Continue reading

Permanent hair removal

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Harnessing the power of light with Boots Smooth Skin Plus. The light pulse technology delivers short, carefully controlled, intense bursts of light energy, absorbed by the pigmented hair shaft and converted into heat, resulting in permenant hair removal. The main … Continue reading

Bringing Alice to life

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Telecom Italia needed to realise their French ISP brand Alice in physical form. I dug beneath the surface to identify the brand’s unique, ownable values. A shared design identity was developed but with unique elements suitable for each product category. … Continue reading

Samsung LCD TVs

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Searching for the new premium in 2004. After the transition from CRT to flat panel I explored what would define the next premium TV experience. The result, True Cinema Display (2.39:1). A TV of true cinema proportions that was set … Continue reading

Marine race controller

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For Brookes & Gatehouse, the world leader in marine instruments, this pilot controller wirelessly links to a yacht’s instrument system, enabling sailors to access and control onboard instrumentation & pilot systems from anywhere on the boat allowing vital decisions to … Continue reading

Air France

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First class aircraft seating. This product helped to create an enhanced passenger experience and embody the company’s brand values. Taking visual cues from domestic environments and minimising the overt expression of technology whilst adhering to strict regulatary requirments helped create … Continue reading

Heathrow, Terminal 5

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Helping BAA develop the passenger experience throughout the terminal. As part of the internal environment team I helped create an experience that answered the passengers emotional and functional needs whilst satisfying the strict operational requirements of the business. A consistent … Continue reading


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Here is a selection of some of my older projects stretching back to my first days as a designer.