A new Product Identity

A new product identity for Korea’s leading telecoms provider kt, bringing consistency to their family of 56 products – managed, designed and manufactured separately by different internal business units. The product identity has been embodied in a set of innovative design guidelines that ensure any subsequent product can be developed in a consistent and on brand way.

A real creative and technical challenge, to create an identity that could deliver aesthetically pleasing products across such a diverse portfolio of products ( from usb modems, connector cables to set-top boxes, smart phones, satellite dishes and speakers) whilst respecting their component constraints, ergonomic considerations and product category conventions.

To establish the product identity and demonstrate its effectiveness we designed 14 new products within the olleh range. Products consistent in every detail, from the basic shape to the smallest button, switch and screw. These tested the understanding and consistency of the product identity.

I lead this year long project at Seymourpowell. A real collaborative effort involving a core team of myself, Nick Sandham, Jamie Cobb, Soyoon Kim and other researchers, designers, visualisers and model makers. The work had won 6 awards for the Product Identity, networked devices (home hub, modem & set top box) and remote control with the packaging work receiving the Red Dot “best of the best” in the Design Concepts category.