Design Week predictions for 2013

20130113-220050.jpgMy predictions for the industry in 2013? A difficult task but interesting to think about how some of the emerging trends of the last few years will continue to shape the consumer and product designer in 2013.

“How consumers think about and use their products will continue to change in 2013. With the omni-presence of smart phones many products are going to have to be designed from the ground up to work as part of a product + smartphone + app environment. With consumers’ desire to not just be sold a product, but be part of the process, products will have to be increasingly more responsive, configurable, updatable and hackable. 2013 will also see the continued rise of the consumer-creator culture. Many of the tools we professionals use for design and production are now available and accessible to consumers. Rather like the effect the desktop publishing revolution of the ’80s had on graphic design it will be interesting to see how it changes the way we think about product design and the good and the bad that results.”

Design Week article here.