MRS Creativity Lab



Last week with the help of Designers Nick, Graham and Laurence I ran a workshop at the Market Research Society inaugural Creativity Lab. The title of the lab was ‘The power of design to inspire, illuminate and persuade’. Other contributors included the Guardian’s digital data team, Space Syntax, Purpose, We R Interactive and Point-Blank International.

The workshops I usually run take place over two days so it was a challenge to do something in an hour. Luckily the audience where up for it and after a quick immersion in our process with a bit of ethnography we where up and running. The task was to

“Design something that enhances or improves the tea making experience.

From this workshop and the ones Seymourpowell have been running at the V&A for school children it’s interesting to see how ideas around the connectivity of existing products, the internet of things and apps are at the forefront of peoples mind for both children and adults alike.

MRS Creativity Lab